Schooling for children

Winnipeg offers both public and private schooling from preschool to the senior years of high school. Based on your preferences, we arrange your initial visit to your final agreement with the schools of choice. Manitoba offers high-quality elementary and secondary school programs - available in either English or French language - and has among the highest number of elementary and secondary school teachers per capita in Canada.

Education & Schools

Manitoba has comprehensive education from kindergarten to Grade 12, offering a high standard of basic, academic and vocational instruction, both at the public and independent (private) levels.
Public schools

These schools operate directly under the Minister of Education, Training and Youth. These schools are governed through elected school division/district boards. Public schools are funded by a combination of direct provincial funding and special taxation levies. All Canadian citizens and landed immigrants have the right to attend public schools subject to provincial regulations.

Independent schools

Some schools are affiliated with a specific religious or denominational group. They have their own governing bodies or boards. Independent schools are eligible for provincial funding if they implement the Manitoba curriculum and meet a number of additional requirements. A student who wishes to enter a private school must meet the admission requirements and pay the admission fee set by the specific institution. Only funded independent schools are authorized to issue Senior Years course credits recognized by Manitoba Education, Training and Youth.

Manitoba schools are organized according to the following school Programs, languages of instruction, grade groupings, and school systems:

School Programs

Manitoba has four school Programs:

* English Program
* French Immersion Program
* Fran?ais Program
* Senior Years Technology Education Program (available for the English, French Immersion, and Fran?ais Programs)
Languages of Instruction

English and French are the languages of instruction in Manitoba. Schools that provide French language instruction fall into one of two program models:

* French Immersion schools are intended for students for whom
* French is a second language
* Fran?ais schools are intended for students for whom French is a first or home language

There are 13 grade groupings in Manitoba schools, as follows: [1]
Grades Division Approximate Age of Students
Kindergarten* to Grade 4 Early Years 5 to 10 years
Grade 5 to Grade 8 Middle Years 11 to 14 years
Senior 1 to Senior 4 Senior Years 15 to 18 years

*Kindergarten is not mandatory

[1] Source - Relocating to Manitoba
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